Screw conveyor

Screw_Conveyor Screw_Conveyor


  • Uniform R.C. Feeding arrangement for better mix and proper grading
  • Speed control using electronic drive
  • Large hopper to hold minimum of 300 kgs R.C. at a time
  • Smooth Start/Stop system
  • RPM meter fitted for speed regulation
  • Totally enclosed for safety

Optional Features

  • Horizontal type
  • Vertical type
  • Semi-vertical type
  • Hoppers made to customer's size
  • Screw Conveyor
  • Different sizes for different outputs
  • Can be fitted to any lengths
  • Can be fitted from them R.C. room to Rotorvane

We have different type of conveyors

  • Flat, Skid type and trough type
  • Elevators and bucket conveyors